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SWING FINDER helps you stay connected and perfect your putting stroke.


SWING FINDER helps you to stay connected, chipping as well as in putting.

Full Swing

SWING FINDER teaches you to stay connected as you square up your club face to the target line, through the back swing and to the finish.

Universal Fit

SWING FINDER fits every club and easily stores in your golf bag.

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About Swing Finder

By training your muscles to stay connected throughout your swing, Swing Finder is an extraordinary practice tool developed to make you a better golfer.

Swing Finder can be used on all of your clubs and will improve your game whether you're practicing putting, chipping or full swing. The more time spent practicing with Swing Finder, the more muscle memory you create for a repeatable swing.

Swing Finder is the brain child of Cle Adams. An avid golfer, mechanical engineer and a popular personal trainer from San Diego, California, Cle used all of his many skills to connect muscle memory and golf swings for better performance.

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Give us 90 days. If we can't lower your golf scores and give you a more confident swing, send it back and we will refund your purchase!

The Swing Finder squares up your body and feet to the target line, so you stay connected through your swing. By practicing perfect alignment, your muscle memory will kick in for a perfect swing during your game.

The Swing Finder is the perfect practice tool to give you correct alignment and aim during your golf swing. The more you use it, the more muscle memory you create for a better golf game.

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